Brick and tile、Building materials、Lime、Cement
Metallurgy、Heat treatment、Coking、Carbon
Chemical industry、The catalyst、Gas purification
Ceramics for daily use、Sanitary ceramics、Building ceramics、Electric porcelain、Industrial ceramics
The glass、Microcrystalline glass、Cast stone
Mine waste utilization、Garbage disposal
Supporting project distribution、Electric control、Automatic control

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    Huanggang shenhua thermal technology equipment technology co., LTD. Is a large-scale professional design、Manufacturing、The construction、The installation、Debugging of various thermal technology equipment and a professional company specialized in industrial furnace,Its products are widely used in metallurgical industry、Heat treatment、Coking、Brick and tile、Building materials、Lime、Cement、Chemical industry、The catalyst、Gas purification、Ceramics for daily use、Sanitary ceramics、Building ceramics、Electric porcelain、Industrial ceramics、The glass、Microcrystalline glass、Cast stone、Mine waste utilization、Garbage disposal and other fields...
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Project performance
Research and application of roller kiln temperature distributed intelligent control system
Roller kiln processing production and installation of construction technical requirements and steps
Kiln condole roof precast construction technology
Rare earth new materials in functional ceramics application and market prospect
The maintenance and maintenance of tunnel kiln
The tunnel kiln temperature automatic control
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